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Transactional Data
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We turn customer purchase data into multichannel marketing ROI.
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What is Transactional Data?

Knowing what consumers previously bought is the best indicator of what they’ll buy next. Transactional data is powerful new asset to find and target highly relevant audiences within programmatic media, paid social, and paid search. Even B2B and real estate companies can use transactional data to prospect new audiences based on specific purchases they’ve made with credit cards and within rewards programs.

As a data-driven performance marketing agency, we see each data point as a new opportunity to change the way you connect. Learn how we use transactional data to identify and reach your most valuable audiences, boost new customer acquisition and increase multichannel marketing ROI for your business.


Identify Valuable Audiences

Identify your most valuable audiences. Blend purchase and intent data with predictive modeling to gain a deeper understanding of the customer segments that drive your business.


Reach New Customers

Reach new customers using powerful purchase signals. Reach people who are actively researching and intend to buy new products or services you offer – including those thinking of buying from your competition.


Improve Marketing ROI

Improve multichannel marketing ROI. Glean insights from the data to craft highly personalized messaging that clicks and deliver engaging experiences that convert.

Listen to transactional data expert Mariah Madera’s presentation at The Search Agency’s 2019 Client Summit

Transactional Data

In an increasingly competitive environment, finding new customers through online channels has become a costly endeavor. Fortunately, the advent of Big Data provides marketers with the opportunity to leverage different types of insights, such as transactional data, to acquire customers at a lower cost.

Consider that there were 41 billion transactions in 2018 and there are currently 2,000 card transactions that happen every second. These insights can be leveraged by your brand, regardless of industry, to drive more efficient paid media performance.

The importance of transactional data is that it gives you a signal of life events for who your customer is. It tells you who’s in-market, but also how your consumer spends money. By understanding your potential customers’ interests and purchases, you can better improve your messaging to drive better quality leads.

Examples of transactional data:

  • Adult dog food purchasers
  • Drivers who spent money on car repairs
  • Self-help book purchasers
  • Home improvement products

This data can then be overlaid with job titles on LinkedIn to zero in on only the most qualified leads or tied to Amazon campaigns to run an intelligent shopping campaign.

At The Search Agency, testing is within our DNA. Leveraging technologies like AI and machine learning, companies can use transactional data to acquire new customers who are ready to buy without stretching your budget. Ready to learn more? Contact us for a free consultation.

We Use Transactional Data to Deliver Multichannel Marketing ROI


Importing these audiences into LinkedIn in order to reach target job titles and companies


Using in-market first party data to reach consumers as they shop or sell directly on the platform

Smart Shopping

Using Google’s machine learning to identify new prospects and remarket to previous purchasers who are in market


Reaching out to users how have already purchased on your site as and providing upsells or offers for re-engagement

Similar Audiences

Creating lists of people who have purchased your items and marketing to behaviorally/demographically similar users

Customer Match

Leveraging first party data to remarket and upsell to existing clients

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