Creative SEO

We define Creative SEO as the fusion of custom content creation and effective content marketing – helping you reach your audience wherever they are, with content designed to nurture prospects along the path to conversion.

Our Strategic Approach to
Creative SEO


It starts with deep analysis to understand your audience, determine the current state of your website and other owned properties, and identify opportunities to better engage that audience. From there, we develop a detailed plan to help you meet your business goals and improve audience engagement.


We don’t focus simply on keywords, links, and traffic, but on improving the search experience for your customers over the course of their purchase journey.


By emphasizing the importance of audience insight, contextual search, and the consumer decision journey, we are able to successfully deliver the right message via the right medium at the right time.

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Building a Content Strategy
That Clicks

Each client is paired with a Creative SEO subject matter expert who digs deep to uncover relevant insights to help you reach customers through organic search. Our SEO strategies are underpinned by a comprehensive examination of your site and industry that can include:


Semantic Keyword Research

Keyword research is about more than one keyword to one page. We look at the universe of potential keywords to determine an appropriate keyword set that targets user intent along each stage of the journey and meets the customer’s need. By using related keywords, one page can do the work of several pages and provide a better user experience.


Audience Personas

We work hard to understand current customers, prospects, and untapped demographics in the market for your goods or services. Classifying personas allows us to devise a strategy that uses your brand voice to communicate with prospects on their terms. There’s no keyword stuffing here!


Gap Analysis and Competitor Research

Our Gap Analysis process leverages the entire Creative SEO team to take a deep-dive into your site. Are your pages meeting customer’s needs? Where do you excel? Where can you learn from competitors? Are your social channels effective? Is your backlink profile helping or hurting you? We combine all that into a thorough deck used to build a long-term strategy.

Once we’ve uncovered the challenges and opportunities facing your site, it’s time to put our recommendations into action with SEO techniques like:


Content Optimizations

Many sites are in need of SEO TLC – minor but impactful edits that take advantage of strategic insights. From meta data to on-page copy, we can help increase organic traffic to your most important conversion points. We include Open Graph tags and social markup in our recommendations to ensure that each page is working across social platforms and can be easily discovered and surfaced by the various entities crawling the web.


Content Creation

We focus on creating authoritative content that targets your audience and highlights the solutions you offer. Our team members are skilled communicators, many with degrees in English, journalism, and related fields. We write high-quality content designed to improve your rankings on core keywords and move visitors towards a purchase. Our research into featured snippets, voice search, answer boxes, and the Knowledge Graph are woven into our recommendations and target the latest opportunities in search.


Topic Ideation

Using keyword research, engagement metrics, and trending topics, our SMEs can help you understand what has your customers’ attention and how you can enter the conversation.

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Promotions That Connect
with Customers

Our promotional campaigns are designed to engage potential buyers by communicating relevant messages in a timely fashion, with the goal of progressing them further down the path to an eventual purchase. Whether we’re advising you on optimizing your social channels to improve audience interaction or developing an influencer marketing campaign to attract a new audience, we consider where your customers are situated on the Consumer Decision Journey and how to fill any gaps that might inhibit their progress to conversion.

Our on- and off-site promotions strategies include:


Content Amplification

Whether you have existing content that is ripe for amplification or need a new page to spread the word to your target audience, we are adept at building a strategy that identifies and leverages the best third-party promotional channels for your unique content in order to effectively drive traffic back to your site and build awareness of your brand.


Influencer Marketing

As their power has increased, influencers have become savvier about how they work with brands. When we undertake an influencer marketing campaign, we focus on discovering niche, mid-level influencers who can speak directly to your target audience without draining your budget. We try to make the most of your budget and leverage influencers across multiple channels.


Earned Social Strategy

Although the “free” social channels have increasingly moved toward a pay-for-exposure model, there are still ways to leverage your social channels without spending a lot of money. We recommend strategies that build connections and encourage long-term audience engagement, rather than driving additional views for a specific post.


Social Profile Optimization

Are all your social channels fully optimized? Is your Facebook channel connecting with your customers while your YouTube channel languishes? We identify the top channels for your audience and recommend optimizations to ensure that the social network your target audience spends the most time on effectively tells your brand story and encourages interaction.

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