Search Engine Optimization

We use data on audiences and intent to drive engagement in an increasingly complex online marketplace.

Building A Strong Foundation
For Future Growth

Without a strong structure, your content won’t be found. Without great content, your structure won’t matter. With our combination of technical and creative SEO, we ensure your brand is ready to reach the right customers, at the right time, with the right message.

Google updates its organic search algorithm more than 3 times per day. Is your SEO strategy able to keep up?

Search engines like Google have become more sophisticated in recent years, moving beyond basic keyword based search to complex query and document analysis driven by deep learning and AI. The Search Agency provides strategic plans to navigate where search is heading. Our customized plans are informed by a comprehensive site structure analysis, deep-dives into your content’s topical authority, and a review of promotional strengths and weaknesses. Using a data driven approach based upon what is actually happening in the organic search results, we can stabilize and grow your brand’s online search visibility, leading to more qualified organic traffic, leads, and conversions.

For years we have been working with a mobile-first approach. It’s time to focus on AI

Semantic search, Hummingbird, Rankbrain, mobile-first, AI-first, voice-ready. Organic search is driving experiences within text and voice-based assistants, which will change our landscape faster than mobile adoption itself. We focus on the nurture paths, both on- and off-site, to help your visitors connect with your brand in more efficient and meaningful ways. With an explosion of devices, channels, and platforms, the “when” and “how” someone might interact with your brand will continue to diversify. Using analytics data, we can take segments from converting audiences back up through the decision journey to help with messaging and content at each phase. Our Gap Analysis process ensures you have the right content for your audience at all points of their journey. Understanding these “contexts”, we can map new experiences and new journeys to meet your potential audiences where they expect you, as well as those serendipitous moments when they need you. We make sure your technical site structure is future-proofed and ready for the next big things.


Technical and Creative Audit

Full SEO Site Audit

We use our proprietary SPIDER technology to crawl your website in search of over 60 common errors. We check your topical relevance and authority to ensure you are targeting the search queries your audiences are using.

Technical and Creative Audit

Opportunity Analysis

We begin with an in-SERP competitive analysis to build up a SWOT of possible strategies your brand can leverage to better connect with your audiences, gain parity with competitors, and find new white-space.

Technical and Creative Ongoing Support

Strategy Execution

We work closely with your technical team to implement technical recommendations according to common sprints, using our SPIDER to routinely check progress and QA. We work closely with your writers and creative teams to train, optimize, and support content initiatives to strengthen topical relevance, authority, brand voice, and audience engagement.

KPI and Performance Driven Reviews

Quarterly Reviews

We review the results of technical and creative SEO tests each quarter to track progress, develop learnings, and move your business forward.

Consumer Decision Journey

Foundational SEO Projects have tendencies to produce effects in certain phases of the consumer journey. For each of your core and affiliated audiences, we map our content and technical solutions to help you achieve your growth goals.


“Transformation can be a dangerous word in our current environment, because it suggests a shift from one solid state to another: it implies that there is an end point.”

Building a strong foundation for future growth

Without a strong structure, your content won’t be found. Without great content, your structure won’t matter. With our combination of technical and creative SEO, we ensure your brand is ready to meet your customers wherever and whenever they are.


Site Structure Optimization and Silo-ing

Site Migration Support

Site Redesign Support

Internal Linking

Content Duplication Reduction

URL Confusion Reduction

Navigation and Indexing Issue Resolution

PageSpeed Issue Mitigation

Semantic Markup and Schema

Social Markup

Deep Linking / App Indexation

Voice Actions Recommendations

AMP / IA / Apple News Markup

Content Creation

Keyword and Topical Alignment Analysis

Competitive Keyword Analysis

Brand Voice and Audience Messaging

Content Gap Analysis

Content Optimization

Content Creation

OG and Social Markup Optimization

Off-site Content Production and Placement

Influencer Marketing & Outreach

Content Marketing and Amplification

Earned Social Strategy

Social Media and YouTube Profile Optimization

Backlink Analysis and Strategy


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