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You need data to make business decisions, but what do you do if you can’t trust the data?

The first step in our analysis process is auditing, validating, and resolving errors in data flows to ensure your digital marketing data is correct. Our experienced team works with a variety of analytics platforms to track your offline and online channels. We are always discovering new ways to turn data into insights that can inform our online marketing strategies and increase your ROI. Our platform expertise includes Google Analytics, Omniture, other analytics platforms, and covers a variety of attribution modelling tools as well. We offer comprehensive analytics solutions with a strong focus on Google Analytics, the 360 Suite, advanced implementations, analysis, media planning, and consulting, and our proprietary Predictive DNA® solution, which is our attribution analytics solution.

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We improve the efficiency and effectiveness of each media channel through proper analytics set-up. Once that is done, we transform and aggregate data into dynamic visual charts to get an overview of the dimensions and metrics important to your business.

Google Analytics Goal Set-up

Data Consolidation

Attribution Set-up

Attribution Tracking

Attribution Modeling

Dashboard Creation

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