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We offer comprehensive analytics solutions with a strong focus on Google Analytics, the 360 Suite, advanced implementations, analysis, media planning, and consulting, and our proprietary Predictive DNA® solution, which is our attribution analytics solution. Trustworthy data is imperative to running a business so we audit, validate, and execute tagging to ensure you have correct data flows. Further, we support ongoing services in analysis and reporting, usually with the goal of improving our clients’ media performance.

Analytics Services

Our team works with a variety of analytics platforms to track your online and offline channels. We are always discovering new ways to turn data into insights that can continue to increase your ROI. Our platform expertise includes Google Analytics, Omniture, other analytics platforms, and covers a variety of attribution modelling tools as well.


Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of each media channel. Attribution tracking allows us to determine the value of all your marketing channels so you can better allocate your budget and create an optimal media mix.


Our customized dashboards can transform and aggregate data into dynamic visual charts to get an overview of the dimensions and metrics important to your business.

Data Warehouse

The Data Warehouse technology allows us to consolidate data from several sources. The database is designed for query and analysis rather than for transaction processing. It contains historical data derived from transaction data.

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