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While Impressions Increase Across the Board this Quarter, Bing Sees Especially High Performance Rates in Q2 2013

As each search engine augments its algorithm to improve user experience, SEM campaign performance shifts and changes. The Search Agency’s State of Paid Search Report explores this variation and summarizes current paid search marketing trends across search engines, devices, and industries to glean predictions for future performance.

To uncover key trends of Q2 2013, the agency extracted client data from search engine advertising tools. The sample included advertisers who had fifteen consecutive months of data with The Search Agency and an established and stable business model from Q2 2012 to Q2 2013. All results are based on U.S. campaigns only. Our findings and forecasts are based on year-over-year (YoY) and quarter-over-quarter (QoQ) analyses on aggregated client data. Here are some of our key findings:

  • Google CPCs were up across all three device types QoQ, with the largest increase coming on tablets at 26%. Q2 marks the first quarter in which tablet CPCs on Google are at a premium to desktops, with a 1.7% difference.
  • Overall impressions were up 19.2% across all search engines QoQ, while overall clicks declined 7.8%.
  • Bing clicks were up 12.9% YoY but down 4.7% QoQ, while Google clicks were up 4.1% YoY but down 6.7% QoQ.
  • Google CPCs rose 21.2% QoQ, while Bing CPC remained relatively unchanged.
  • Overall, tablet clicks were down 8% QoQ, marking the first quarter in which click volume on tablets has declined. Nonetheless, tablet click volume is still up 62% YoY.

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