How Print News and Media Website are Faring on Mobile

Evaluating How Print News and Media Sites have Optimized for the Mobile Experience

We put the top print news & media sites to the test by evaluating and scoring their websites when served on mobile devices in our latest edition of the Mobile Experience Scorecard report. Using data from Experian Marketing Services, we extracted the 50 top visited print news and media websites, ranked by number of monthly visits each received on mobile devices in November of 2014, and scored them against our User Experience Scorecard, as well as our SEO Ranking Scorecard. Our findings show that brands continue to struggle with optimizing their websites for mobile.

  • While 30% of the print news and media websites were formatted with Responsive Web Design (RWD), not a single site passed Google’s recommended 5 second load time.
  • 28 domains exhibited large page size warnings.
  • 40 domains were missing meta descriptions.

Download the full report to see how all of the 50 most visited print news and media websites rank, and to find out how you can improve your brand’s mobile user experience.


TOPIC: Search Engine Optimization & Mobile Marketing

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