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New Marketing Framework Delivers Strategic Insight and Growth Across All Channels

Changing consumer behavior and new online marketing technology have necessitated a fundamental change in paid media marketing. As consumers adopt and utilize multiple media channels to engage with brands and guide their consumer decision journey, the need for a holistic, cross-channel approach has become a priority. Yet many marketing professionals continue to silo their marketing strategies, budgets, technology, and teams by media channel, which generally results in poor performance, inadequate resources and a lack of visibility to their effectiveness of their online marketing budget.

The Search Agency’s holistic approach to paid media marketing, h(Paid), is a customer-centric approach that enables performance-driven marketers to profitably engage and convert their target audiences throughout the consumer decision journey. This whitepaper details,

  • How changes in consumer behavior and technology have disrupted the traditional online marketing paradigm
  • The Consumer Decision Journey and its role in online marketing strategy
  • Operational challenges for today and tomorrow’s marketers
  • Steps to implementing a holistic approach to paid media management

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