Google’s Enhanced Campaigns: How to Execute a Successful Migration

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A Timely Solution for Efficiently Migrating to Enhanced Campaigns

In February, Google announced a significant change to its AdWords advertising platform. Enhanced Campaigns are meant to help marketers advertise their brands, services and products across multiple devices and channels without having to manage several AdWords Campaigns. However, the introduction of Enhanced Campaigns has many marketing professionals wondering how their campaigns will be affected after the automatic migration dates (April 2013 and June 2013 for the Display Network and Search Network, respectively). With limited time to prepare for the upgrade to Enhanced Campaigns, marketing professionals must quickly, but carefully, plan, prepare, migrate and optimize their campaigns before the automated migration dates to preserve campaign performance.

This whitepaper offers valuable information about,

  • Impending changes to AdWords
  • Potential impact that Enhanced Campaigns will have on search marketing campaign performance
  • Practical steps for avoiding significant performance loss

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