Website Migration Yields 350% Increased Organic Search Traffic YoY for Appliances Manufacturer & Retailer

SEO Website Migration for Appliances Manufacturer and Retailer Boosts Traffic While Minimizing Traffic Loss

Cumbersome website maintenance processes can significantly impede any marketing department’s efficiency. As relevancy becomes more and more central to how brands perform in the SERPs, and ultimately accumulate search traffic, being able to make website changes quickly, ensuring your brand does consistently broadcast current information on the web, has become increasingly more important.

In this case study, we explore an engagement where we partnered with an appliances manufacturer and retailer to migrate their site from an archaic platform to an easy-to-update CMS. Download this case study to learn more about how we…

  • Increased organic search traffic more than 350% YoY
  • Only saw 2 weeks of lost search traffic during a process that typically diminishes search traffic for up to 3 months

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TOPIC: Search Engine Optimization

CLIENT: Appliances Manufacturer & Retailer