Rewriting and Reorganizing Website Content Organically Improves Site Traffic 1300% YoY for Online Internships Marketplace

Online Internship Marketplaces Sees Remarkable Site Traffic Increases Thanks to SEO Recommendations

Each potential customer using digital avenues to search for your brand or services your brand offers is traveling down their own consumer journey. Their intentions for searching are unique, and therefore the words they type into search engines are diverse. Thus, the more diverse your website’s content is in housing information that satisfies this wide spectrum of intentions, the higher likelihood becomes that your brand will rank for these different user searches. We helped an online internship marketplace capitalize on this intent diversity. Download this case study to learn more about how we helped this brand…

  • Increase site traffic 1300% in one year’s time
  • Increase the number of unique site pages indexed by Google from 2,400 to 109,000 YoY
  • Attract far more qualified, relevant users – more likely to engage in the brand’s services

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TOPIC: Search Engine Optimization

CLIENT: Online Internships Marketplace