Implementing SEO Best Practices to Resurrect Site Traffic for Global Sports and Entertainment Organization

Using SEO Best Practices to Help a Global Sports and Entertainment Organization Regain Lost Site Traffic After Previously Mismanaged Website Migration

Search engines crawl brand websites to populate the results pages they show their users. To get the highest volume, qualifed organic traffic possible from search engine listings, you need to ensure your website is optimized to communicate the right pieces of information to these search engines – especially when migrating from one website to another. When a global sports and entertainment organization independently migrated their website without the foresight to accommodate SEO requirements during the process, they experienced a significant traffic loss. They partnered with us to clean up the mess. Download this case study to learn more about how we helped this brand…

  • Regain the #1 ranking for their brand in the search engine results pages
  • Increased brand site traffic 73%
  • Decreased server errors 55%

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TOPIC: Search Engine Optimization

CLIENT: Global Sports and Entertainment Organization