SEM Drives 248% Increase in Revenue for Online Dental Referral Service

Online Dental Referral Service Sees Significant Lift in Clicks, Conversions, and Revenue Thanks to the Right Data Set

In digital marketing, tracking and strategizing off of the right data set can make or break your brand’s success. Tracking the right performance metrics is the only way you can truly measure if your various digital marketing efforts are really serving your brand growth, or not. Furthermore, if the team responsible for your digital marketing strategy isn’t well-versed in the cutting edge advancements available to track ad performance in the online marketing space, your returns are bound to lag behind those of your competitors. We helped an online dental referral service challenged with this very obstacle. Download this case study to learn about how we helped the brand…

  • Completely revitalize their online marketing performance tracking capabilities
  • See a 248% increase in revenue attributed to SEM
  • Maintain consistent uplift in clicks, conversions, and revenue growth

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TOPIC: Search Engine Marketing

CLIENT: Online Dental Referral Resource