Integrated Digital Marketing for International Airline Boosts Conversions and Lowers Costs

Integrating SEM, SEO and Display Advertising to Boost Conversion Rate 34%

Paid search campaigns do not reach their highest potential in a vacuum. In fact, oftentimes the best way to improve paid search campaign performances is by holistically supporting these types of online marketing initiatives with SEO, display advertising campaigns, promotions, and/or initiatives in other online marketing channels. This case study profiles an engagement where we executed this kind of balancing act for a leading international airline, increasing overall online marketing ROI by marrying their pre-existing paid search initiatives with display advertising campaigns, SEO, and more. Download this case study to learn about how we…

  • Increased conversion rates 34% YoY
  • Decreased CPA 54% YoY

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TOPIC: Integrated Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Display Advertising

CLIENT: International Airline