How Integrating Digital Marketing Channels Increased Leads 76% for Custom Home Builder

Integrating Digital Marketing Channels for Custom Home Builder Generates Highest Lead Counts in Site History

Historically, brands have approached their digital marketing efforts in a siloed fashion – working with different teams and agencies to optimize their SEO, SEM, CRO, Display Advertising, and other online efforts individually. However, the more we as marketers and the search engines themselves learn about how people really use the internet, the stronger we’ve started to feel about optimizing the full digital marketing experience cohesively. We worked with a custom home building brand to build a holistic strategy, harmonizing the efforts of their SEO, SEM, and CRO efforts. Download this full case study to learn more about how we helped this brand…

  • See a 76% increase in on-site leads YoY
  • Reduce cost per lead 25%

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TOPIC: Integrated Online Marketing

CLIENT: Custom Home Builder