Beverage Retailer Gains +100,000 Facebook Likes with Display Advertising

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Beverage Retailer Uses Display Advertising to Build Brand Awareness

An actively engaged social media audience can completely transform your brand awareness, both externally and internally. Recently, we launched a social media outreach campaign for a budding beverage industry retailer focused on building external brand awareness. We achieved our goal, accruing over 100,000+ Facebook page Likes for the brand. In addition, we gained valuable qualitative data from our newly engaged followers that has transformed internal production efforts, better aligning the brand’s product set with consumer preferences. Download this case study to learn more about how we helped this brand…

  • Grow Facebook page Likes by 100,000+
  • Test brand ad copy and creative to develop a portfolio of top-performing online assets
  • Uncover key insights from newly engaged followers to feed back into production, evolving product offerings to better satisfy growing demand

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TOPIC: Display Advertising

CLIENT: Beverage Retailer