B2B: Omni-Channel
Account Based Marketing

We use business-specific attribution models to target and optimize audience segments through our Account-Based Marketing approach.

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~40% of TSA clients are B2B services, ranging across numerous industries

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How We Do It

We globally identify and target high-value decision-makers, titles, and departments within specific businesses that build relationships along your B2B consumer journey. The Search Agency’s integrated, omni-channel ABM (account-based marketing) strategy drives paid media budgets and thoughtful engagement strategies to high-value individuals as they search, socialize, network, and interact within their daily digital environment. 1st-3rd party data analysis, detailed industry/competitor assessment, and internal sales stage integration inform business-specific attribution models to measure and optimize targeting, messaging, and site experience for each valued audience segment.

Nurture high-quality leads over driving low-quality volume

Grow business from current accounts through cross-channel retargeting

Develop dedicated engagement strategies for new, high-value prospects

Cultivate trust and timely value through all phases of the consumer journey

Integrate 1st party data to precisely target and message key audience segments

Create business-specific goals to propel true sales results

Account Targeting Framework: B2B Marketing

Audience Targeting for B2B

Analyze and segment all 1st party data to define the target audience and assign value of key performance indicators

Utilize 3rd party platform data to fine tune within individual channels:

Social: Leverage job title, interest group, matched company name, etc. targeting

Search: Utilize KWs, GDN, demographic, various audience, etc. targeting

Display: Deep audience and relevant site placement targeting

Push budget to performing audiences as keywords and placements become secondary optimization levers.

Target only key decision makers, influencers, product/service users, and integrated tech/partner adopters according to business value.

B2B Consumer Journey Engagement

We flip the funnel to target only key decision makers and bid down unknown and general audiences that waste budget driving low quality or misguided traffic.

Invest more in identified audiences to win trust through the extended B2B consumer journey – build relationships instead of targeting quick, false-positive wins.

Analyze and assign value to all site behaviors: whitepaper/case study downloads, webinars, blog, sign ups etc. so budget/bid strategies can bid to the right media and brand experience for all phases of the B2B journey.

Thoughtfully remarket engaged site visitors according to previous brand behaviors

Organize and budget paid account structures by audience/keyword/placement intent to drive budget to highest value media placement

Brand experience (ad copy and landing pages) will adapt to the CDJ phase and audience the auction provides

B2B Context Relevant Management

Engage your unique B2B audiences across their omni-channel journey – utilize search, display, and social platforms to leverage channel-specific targeting and engagement opportunities. Each platform should be valued for the type of engagement it provides.

Geo-fence branding campaigns around conference, training, and other group events to engage important assemblies considering new business solutions.

Monitor and react to key competitor strategies to mitigate performance risks and grow relevant traffic. The agency team will understand key players and partnerships within your vertical to execute quarterly strategies that build digital market share.

Timing and environment are important factors shaping audience engagement. Agency teams will help unlock mobile value, geo and time-based bid modifiers, remarketing cadence, etc. to ensure your audience is served the right experience at the most impactful moments for your business.

B2B Case Studies

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