The Search Agency partners with many clients from a diverse range of B2C and B2B companies with national and international footprints.


The Search Agency is a valued partner. They’ve helped us achieve phenomenal performance and regularly inform us of the latest industry trends and opportunities.


The team makes a most concerted effort to not only understand our specific marketing needs, but how these marketing needs tie directly into mid funnel and lower funnel business goals. Their deeper interest has lead to a deeper involvement and more robust automated data exchanges. More data allows them to tie actual output revenue to marketing inputs which has made our program rapidly more efficient. The service is prompt, the communication is clear and concise, and the performance is going in the right direction!

AIS Insurance

The team at TSA helps optimize and expand search efforts for our brand. Their constant attention keeps our CPA in check. Their ideas and access to beta programs let us explore new avenues for growth. Overall, sales have increased while our CPA has decreased YOY, and we know our account is in good hands with the dedication of our TSA team.

Hawaiian Telcom

The team have provided us with invaluable insight on our search and digital media campaigns. I feel like they try to learn and embrace the unique nuances of our market and industry to do things that will work for us. They are also proactive in suggesting new digital technologies, helping me to stay in-the-know of new digital trends and tools. My bi-weekly meetings with them are always a highlight of my week. I always walk away feeling like I’ve learned something new.


The account team at TSA has done a great job of improving my data needs for easy real-time reporting. They have provided great uses of technology which include Datorama that gives me what I need at a quick glance and helps me with my internal reporting metrics.

We've partnered with the search agency for over a decade. In that time "Search" marketing has seen a lot of transition, yet TSA has always remained relevant and continues to push us to explore new opportunities and be increasingly more efficient and effective in everything we do.