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What we do

Explore, Expand, Engage

The Search Agency uses Consumer Decision Journey (CDJ) principles to match the right audience with the right message at the right time. Every person’s buying journey is unique and constantly changing as new technologies emerge. We guide our clients through the shifting landscape by leveraging audience segments and behaviors to drive highly-relevant digital engagements with valued consumers across Earned, Owned, and Paid media channels.

We pride ourselves on deep channel expertise to find the right ways to engage your audiences. We are continually striving to drive the best ways to expand your engaged audience and brand reach.

About us

We Are Digital Explorers

Established in 2002 at the infancy of search engine marketing to help marketers address the disruptive impact of search engines on the buyer-seller relationship. The Search Agency has become one of the largest independent and integrated digital marketing firms, with services to support the multi-channel marketing goals of our clients. The privately held agency has grown to 200+ employees with headquarters in Los Angeles. and offices around the world. Although we’ve significantly grown the number of employees, offices, and clients, we remain committed to solving the disruptive impact that the complex digital landscape has on the buyer-seller relationship.


The Search Agency is a leading performance agency that offers cutting edge solutions for data measurement, cross device attribution, and profitability – a holistic approach to digital marketing.

Five Offices

Los Angeles, Baltimore, Toronto, London, Bangalore

Working Hours

Around the clock, thanks to offices in four time zones.

Drinks, Anyone?

Whiskey is by far our favorite, followed by beer, wine, gin, and vodka.

Favorite Book

The clear winner, with two votes, is The SAS Handbook. If you want to know how to survive any situation, check it out.

Dog or Cat

Dogs won by a landslide, but we also like our feline friends (both big and small), monkeys, sloths, and unicorns.

Best Ice Cream

We’re not choosy. Artisanal or mass-produced, vanilla or salted malted chocolate chip cookie dough, or anything in between made our favorites list.

Our Leadership Team

David M. Hughes
Chief Executive Officer
Luke Hubbard
SVP Paid Media
Raashid Siddique
SVP Earned Media/Director - India
Brett Shearing
Vice President, Business Development
Jessica Mamey
Vice President Paid Media/Director - Baltimore
Adam Smith
Managing Director UK
Jason Sikora
Managing Director Canada


The Search Agency partners with many clients from a diverse range of B2C and B2B companies with national and international footprints.