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Last year, display retargeting became the major player in online marketing. According to a report commissioned by Adroll, the majority of US brands committed 10-50% of their budgets to retargeting in 2014. This staggering percentage shows just how drastically the digital marketing industry is shifting toward reengaging customers via tracking. Just tracking customers isn’t the only ingredient making up the recipe for display retargeting success though – you also need to strategize.

Any brand launching a display retargeting campaign must first develop a targeted strategy tailored to the products and services they offer, which may vary significantly for companies offering B2B vs. B2C goods. Knowing how to implement a display retargeting strategy specific to your business model can play a key role in your brand’s long term growth and success.

This week, we’ll focus on B2B display retargeting strategies.

How Should B2B Marketers Use Display Retargeting?

Typically, display retargeting campaigns are product based and the best campaigns continuously serve customers many different kinds of ads. However, B2B brands rarely offer diverse product sets. Rather, these kinds of companies typically push a limited number of products or services for big returns. So, doing the math here, if B2B brands only offer a select few products and display campaigns are generally product based, requiring many different kinds of ads to succeed, won’t implementing this kind of strategy cause these brands to keep pushing the same few products over and over again? Probably. Couldn’t that become quite monotonous? Probably. So then… B2B marketers should just not use display retargeting? Actually, quite the contrary!

While a product-based display retargeting campaign may not be appropriate for the B2B marketer, this is not the only display retargeting strategy available. Instead, B2B marketers should implement display retargeting strategies focused on building rapport with their clients and expanding brand awareness. Here’s how…

Push Your POV

B2B products are typically big budget items. Swaying another business to sign over that kind of hefty sum requires more than just a catchy slogan. How do you win that kind of deal? Use display retargeting!  Display retargeting campaigns provide B2B marketers the unique opportunity to repeatedly communicate why their products and services are unique – automated rapport building.

TIP – In the B2B landscape, display retargeting ad copy should not necessarily push product, but rather, communicate how a brand approaches the work they do – what are their values? Their point of view? Authentically communicating this information repeatedly with a retargeted display ad ingrains that philosophy in the customer’s mind, building a relationship deeply rooted in shared belief – the strongest bond in existence, also known as the connection that helps those sales just sell themselves.

Specify Messaging

Display retargeting campaigns are only as effective as the responses they illicit. So how can marketers get the responses they want? By developing a killer messaging strategies, of course! As far as creative messaging goes, B2B display banners should…

  • Catch the viewer’s eye
  • Mirror the brand’s internal personality
  • Educate the customer on brand philosophy as well as products and services offered
  • Offer a clear call to action

Get Dynamic

Dynamic display retargeting takes the retargeting game a step further. Instead of just serving static ads, now brands have the capability to set copy in their ads to change dynamically based on customer history. Whoa!

TIP – Build copy based on available actions. This way, you can more appropriately talk to each consumer based on where they are, at that moment, in the conversion funnel.

Ready, Set, Strategize!

As previously stated, killer display retargeting strategies come from diversifying your efforts. Flood the marketplace with as much and as many messaging components as possible. Success typically materializes for brands who serve a variety of different display banners across a wide range of platforms and websites. Display retargeting is a brand investment; the greater the messaging diversity, the more conversion chances you are affording your brand.

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