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  • Jesse

    “This doesn’t necessarily mean that RWD is inherently slow.”

    Buried the lede on that one. If you bury a point that undercuts the assertion made via text and graphic a number of paragraphs above, you’re doing disservice to the discussion.

    “However, the results from this report indicate that, at present, RWD’s implementation may not be producing the speedy results that mobile users have come to demand. In theory, RWD remains the most promising format …”

    You also mischaracterize RWD as a single, unified approach (format? what?), when in fact it’s anything but. Yes, the fundamentals as described in Ethan Marcotte’s book are broadly applicable, but the methods of implementation necessarily derive from the use cases served by the site. No two sites are going to have exactly the same requirements, nor the same level of implementation expertise amongst designers and developers, nor the same project budget and schedule constraints.

    Painted with too broad a brush to support your assertions.

    October 15, 2013 at 12:49 pm Reply
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