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    Ted Ives

    Matt – great observation, I think most of the industry has missed this important point.

    A separate mobile QS would argue for bidding high on mobile initially to establish a good Quality Score History.

    This brings up the question – if you bid -100, then later decide to start bidding on mobile, have you ruined your chance for a good Quality Score, at least initially, requiring weeks or months to overcome a bad history? In other words, does -100 really mean -100, or does it mean “off”. Or does it reset your mobile QS history, making it a sneaky mechanism one could use for that?

    I guess it all depends on who the three people in the room were at the critical point with the whiteboard over at Google. Certainly the misstep of allowing only Campaign-level bid adjustments, and later backpedaling & allowing Adgroup-level ones does not inspire confidence…

    Also, if Google now has separate bids for mobile, and a separate QS – where is the separate keyword research data? Or is there some mobile targeting setting I’m missing in the keyword tool?

    August 7, 2013 at 7:08 am Reply
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