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Solution Supports Transition of AdWords Accounts to Enhanced Campaigns; Signifcantly Reduces the Potential of Lost Traffic and Decreased Campaign Conversions, Quality Score, and ROI

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – March 26, 2013 – The Search Agency, a global online marketing firm and the largest independent U.S. search marketing agency, today announced its Enhanced Campaigns Migration Support, enabling marketers to easily transition existing AdWords accounts to Google’s Enhanced Campaigns in time for the automatic account migrations in April and June (Display Network and Search Network, respectively). The Search Agency’s Enhanced Campaigns Migration Support enables marketers to efficiently transition their AdWords campaigns while minimizing the potential negative impact on performance, including a decrease in ROI, quality score, conversion rate, and traffic.

“It’s crucial that search marketers are proactive in transitioning campaigns before Google flips the switch to its Enhanced Campaigns product, potentially returning settings and performance to zero,” said Keith Wilson, Vice President, Agency Products at The Search Agency. “And the unprepared marketer may experience these campaign losses if they don’t act now with the appropriate transition strategy. Our goal is to make the transition completely seamless for our clients.”

The Search Agency’s solution guides advertisers through a step-by-step migration plan, which includes strategy development, planning, analysis, and account management. All Enhanced Campaigns Migration Support will be executed prior to the Google deadlines. The three-part plan includes,

  • Pre-migration Analysis and Strategy Planning. The Search Agency will work with clients to establish marketing goals, existing KPIs, metrics, pre-migration performance, from which it will formulate its strategic transition plan.
  • Migration Execution. The Search Agency team will then create and deliver on the phased migration transition plan, with consistent reporting around progress, risks and mitigations, and next steps. Migration will pay close attention to maintaining traffic, quality score and campaign performance as a result of the transition.
  • Post-Migration Analysis and Optimization. Once the migration is completed, The Search Agency will measure performance against the baseline metrics and develop performance reports that compare pre- and post-migration. These reports will also include recommendations around future account structure, ad copy and bid optimization based on learnings gleaned during the transition period.

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