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The Search Agency Unveils Fully Automated Solution to Enable Businesses to Run Search Campaigns that are Both Profitable and High Quality

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – March 19, 2013 – The Search Agency, a global online technology and marketing firm and the largest independent U.S. search marketing agency, today announced the release of AdMax® Local for the US Market, the first fully automated platform that enables resellers of paid search to price, build, manage, optimize and report on high quality, hyper-local search campaigns for multiple businesses at scale. Available in the European and Asian Pacific markets since 2009 AdMax® Local has been deployed with tens of thousands of international clients, driving returns that far exceed the industry average for large-scale local search campaigns.

Designed for marketing agencies, media resellers, franchisors and other businesses looking to add search engine marketing to their service portfolio or improve the performance and profitability of their existing SEM business, AdMax® Local frees businesses from being forced to choose quality search campaigns over profitable campaigns. For the first time, US businesses have an alternative to the traditional Agency model of SEM management, and are now able to automate all aspects of an SEM campaign–from sales, deployment and account creation, to bidding and management—while still running high-quality, hyper-local campaigns.

“Until now, it’s been difficult—if not impossible–for businesses to build and run a search marketing program that is both high quality and scalable, let alone drive a profit from the programs,” said Ben Gibson, global managing director of AdMax® Local and international agency services, The Search Agency. “Historical models resulted in either ineffective and untargeted campaigns, or quality campaigns that were run at a loss. AdMax® Local has proven to solve these issues abroad, and we look forward to providing the same solution for US service providers and resellers of digital media.” Features of the AdMax® Local Platform Include,

  • Industry’s first end-to-end SEM solution: AdMax® Local enables businesses to automate everything from sales flow, ad placement and targeting to campaign management and optimization.
  • No-waste budget management: Pricing and budget management functionality means that advertisers can maximize budget allotments without losing unspent dollars.
  • Advanced SEM functionality: Developed based on The Search Agency’s extensive search expertise, AdMax® Local delivers quality and hyper-local campaigns that deliver better results for end advertisers.
  • Platform agnostic: Platform enables local advertisers to effectively manage inventory from various search engines, including Google and Bing.

“With AdMax® Local, The Search Agency is introducing a completely new approach to paid search management. We have been looking for years for a tool like this, and we are finally able to extend our relationships with existing clients to run high quality and highly profitable search campaigns,” said Steve Bridge, president, Elements Local. “And who better to introduce the solution than The Search Agency, an organization that has a history steeped in both search and local, and longstanding relationships with the leading search engines?”

More information on The Search Agency and the AdMax® Local product can be found at

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