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New Solution Addresses Complexity in Online Marketing Mix Due to Fragmentation of Marketing Technology and Evolving Consumer Behavior

LOS ANGELES, Calif. –  The Search Agency, a global online marketing firm and the largest independent U.S. search marketing agency, today announced the launch of h(Paid) for performance-driven online marketers struggling to integrate their marketing strategies, spend and measurement across multiple paid marketing channels. h(Paid) is an audience-centric approach to online marketing that moves beyond the traditional model of optimizing campaigns within individual paid media channels such as paid search, display media, and comparison shopping to a holistic model based on where target audiences are in the consumer decision journey.

“We know that customers work across multiple channels when they are making purchasing decisions — from search, to social, to reading mobile reviews—and marketers need to shift gears to engage them with the right message at each stage,” said Keith Wilson, vice president of Agency Products, The Search Agency. “There has historically been a dearth of tools that enable marketers to take a holistic view of their marketing strategies, resulting in lagging performance, inadequate resources, and lack of visibility to the effectiveness of their entire online marketing spend. h(Paid) helps marketers keep audiences engaged every step of the way, regardless of where customers look for information on the web or which device that they use to do so.”

h(Paid) optimizes the reach and engagement of brands online by taking a customer-centric rather than  channel-centric approach to paid media marketing The approach is based on five core elements::

  • Targeting –Target and reach in-market consumers at all phases of the consumer decision journey across multiple channels. By taking an audience-centric approach to planning and execution, target customers can be segmented by intent, creative can be tailored for each audience and the campaign can be more effectively analyzed.
  • Creative – Deliver relevant creative to target audiences to drive higher conversations. h(Paid)’s “Intent to Content” approach encompasses experiences across various publishers, sites, ad formats and devices.
  • Engagement – Align your brand with creative that will most engage audiences. Test and streamline the experience can achieve greater conversion efficiency.
  • Optimization – Improve the ability of a consumer to navigate the decision journey by promoting positive interactions at every point of influence. h(Paid) leverages automated tools to scale campaign growth, while also maintaining performance efficiency.
  • Analytics – Go beyond “last click” analysis to enable clients to understand how consumers engage with the brands and use different media channels to reach purchasing decisions.

The launch of h(Paid) follows The Search Agency’s introduction of h(SEO) late last year, which is a holistic approach to search engine optimization across the web’s broad search landscape. These integrated approaches drive more meaningful results through multi-platform tactics, engaging content strategies, and goal-based analytics to measure, inform and justify ongoing online marketing campaigns.

More information on The Search Agency’s h(Paid) product can be found at

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