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    Christina Garcia

    Linkedin is surely different from other social networks in every way, as it is a place where professionals meet professionals, and I don’t think it is creepy in any way, as it is actually helping people to market their products and to meet other professionals online. If you are looking forward towards marketing your products in the best possible manner over Linkedin than I recommend you to go with a Social Networking Engine, as it allows you to auto post your content over Linkedin as well as on other 50+ social sites!

    March 20, 2013 at 6:36 am Reply
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    Lindsay Kardashian Evidently

    Here is something to make it even creepier. Even if you make a bogus LinkedIn account, if you look at your psycho ex, then somebody who went to the same college as you, then your cousin with the same last name, then your current boss, then this person you have might allow yourself to have a crush on but first you want to see if they have a ‘real’ job (unlike your psycho ex who couldn’t keep a job and slept with your friends) and then looked up a couple of those friends your ex slept with — then guess what? All those people are now linked together. When, say, your psycho ex looks at the friend of yours he slept with, he’s going to see that “people who looked at slutty friend also looked at” that cousin who shares your same last name, the manager where you work, the person you went to college with.

    So even though your name is nowhere, it will be obvious who is lurking around on linkedin.

    And to make it even creepier, you *do not have to have a linkedin profile*. I have never had a linkedin profile, never ever. And I did the above, and why doesn’t everyone on linkedin just get it over with and make a massive 0rgy secks tape.

    Because now I get to be the psycho stalker.

    April 8, 2013 at 6:41 pm Reply
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