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    Alex Campbell

    As you say, it’s easy to see this is just an extension of EU bureaucracy, and there were certainly plenty of shock predictions before this rolled out about it making internet advertising as we know it impossible. The fact that uptake of opt-outs are very low could be seen to reinforce the idea that the cookie directive is a waste of time, but I think the truth is there’s a great deal of value in ensuring that new encroachments into personal privacy are reviewed, checked and managed at each step, rather than just letting market forces decide. Jeff Chester’s assertion that EU privacy policy is guided by the lessons of Nazi Germany seem a little stretched, but they do suggest a paraphrase of Niemöller that may point to a troubling future for markets that don’t take online privacy seriously: “First they came for the user behaviour data and I didn’t speak out…”

    November 17, 2012 at 5:59 am Reply
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