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“I am so sad to see Google TV Advertising go away!” said no one…EVER.

My buddy David Waterman, who has a Google TV enabled Blu-ray player and is certainly well-versed in online marketing, actually said that he never even knew when and where the advertising appeared. Maybe that’s a good thing because that meant it was so seamless. But probably not.

Seamlessness did nothing for the product’s stock value in this age of branding marketing tools that are used to market brands.

It was a little over a week ago that Google made the funerary announcement of Google TV Advertising RIGHT before a 3-day weekend. But I can’t help but wonder, why did they bother trying to hide it in social feeds filled with Instagramed photos of Labor Day barbeques and pool parties? No one seemed surprised by the product’s passing and there seems to be plenty of alternatives in the world of online video advertising.

Google even seemed to herald the death by launching a completely new advertising interface for YouTube with Adwords for Video and adding the skippable option to their TrueView product on mobile. Even late last week, we caught wind from our Agency rep that Google was swapping out the +1 button on TrueView in-stream ads with a new share feature in order to offer greater engagement for TrueView. Google obviously sees a future in video advertising revenue but it’s in more obviously interactive places.

The other day, I was surfing IMDB and felt proud to see them working so hard to monetize their existence as a niche search engine with user generated content. They not only have the copious banner ads but they are now selling me on the ability to immediately watch or add videos to my queue that are closely related to my search queries. All of this through recognizable brands like Amazon and Crackle.

This says to me that video has a place in online advertising but not even Google thought that it was with Google TV Advertising.

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