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More advertisers are moving to YouTube advertising in 2012 than ever before. As the second largest search engine online, YouTube has certainly become refined in its advertising tactics since Google’s acquisition in 2006. Now there’s something for everyone, from niche demographics to international audiences.

Ever-evolving, YouTube’s TrueView advertising options offer plentiful demographic, topical, and contextual targeting. These are the most appealing to the world of Search Marketing since access, setup, and management can all be done through the Google user interface. You can see your YouTube ads right next to your Search and Display Network ads, making for the easiest optimization.

TrueView is also a great option for advertisers with specific demographic requirements. With these ads, you can target age and gender to only show on a logged-in YouTube user within your specific audience. While this may limit exposure, you can be guaranteed that you’re showing only to people who are right for your ad. Demographic targeting can also be combined with interest targeting to pinpoint your target audience. If you sold designer jeans for example, you could target women 18-30 who were interested in fashion.

If you’re looking just to get your feet wet, YouTube also offers a Text Overlay option. This is basically the same as a text ad on the Display network, only exclusive to YouTube. It works on a query basis, so these campaigns include keywords as well. If your ad is in the first position, it will show as a text ad over the video the viewer is watching.

Then of course, there’s good ol’ Promoted Video. Also shown by query, this is for the more traditional search marketer who wants to get views on the advertiser’s YouTube page. Much like a text ad on Google, these ads appear at the top of the YouTube SERP. The only difference is a thumbnail from the video that appears to the left of the text ad.

In addition to these three options, YouTube offers homepage ads, display, remarketing, and more. With seemingly unlimited options to advertise and optimize, there really is something for everyone on YouTube. The bond between search and video is growing every day, and linking these campaigns is vital to the success of your account. Now get out there and get those campaigns going!


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