Use SEM to Grow Your Revenue Faster

At The Search Agency, we help our partners use Search Engine Marketing to connect buyers and sellers in the most economical ways possible – by scaling your spend according to search intent, as well as audience targeting.

It’s simple. Put more money toward customers showing a higher propensity to purchase. But how could you possibly target like that? By tracking the right data.

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Pay Less for More within 60 Days

Do you feel like you’re paying too much for your SEM campaigns? Are you hitting your margins? Are you reaching your target growth rates?

Our incoming agency partners are typically wasting countless dollars per month thanks to poorly structured and optimized SEM accounts. The Search Agency specializes in turning these wasted SEM dollars into middle funnel engagement strategies based in retargeted multi-platform audience engagement. By investing in this engaged mid-funnel audience pool, we have historically been able to dramatically improve ROI for our partners, fueling true business growth.


Does Your Marketing Work?
Use SEM Data to Make Better Marketing Decisions

Unchecked marketing dollars wasted on disinterested buyer audiences can mean millions, even billions, in losses over a brand’s lifetime. That’s what makes investing your marketing budget in paid search channels like SEM so powerful. Not only can you more accurately track where search engines serve you ads, but also how well your ads are then received by the masses. Connect with us to learn how SEM could help your brand today!


Use Your Data Wisely
Expert Bid Optimization

SEM works best with continuous bid optimization. Whether you’re riding the waves of seasonality or simply evolving with the changing search pattern tides, one of the keys to effective, efficient paid media management is skilled bid optimization. Our Subject Matter Experts dive deep into the data, performing the extensive keyword research to keep your ads in front of the right, qualified eyeballs – fueling your team’s digital marketing success.


Top of Page, Top of Mind
Control Your Brand Messaging with SEM

The intensely data-driven nature of paid search makes it a highly controllable digital marketing medium. Armed with the right data, marketers can create pin pointed campaigns. To get the most out of your SEM budget, you need to control your brand. Our team of search engine marketing experts gives you that unique advantage through extensive keyword coverage -enabling you to flex budget when necessary to keep driving volume.


Stay Ahead of the Curve
Gain Access to Leading Search Engine Betas

As one of this country’s premiere digital marketing agencies, the impeccable performance results we’ve helped our partners reach have helped us form strong bond with each search engine. , we’ve Our track record has granted us unique access to taking advantage of all the new betas search engines have to offer – our status with them we are not set and forget, we constantly check in and optimize based on performance metrics

Our Recipe for SEM Success

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