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We’re Your Paid Search Agency for PPC Management!

What is Paid Search Anyway?

Have you ever wondered how those advertisements made their way onto your search results page? Those ads you see, pertaining to the query you entered, are where paid search advertising begins. Brands bid on keywords that relate to their products or services, delivering targeted advertisements to the right customers.

Paid Search is a unique form of advertising because it can promptly identify the customers raising their hands, indicating interest in your product or service. Can a television commercial or magazine ad do the same?


What you probably don’t know…

Paid Search is a performance marketer's dream, but only if the right people are running the show. With multiple campaigns running at once, millions of potential keywords to consider, competitive bid auctions, quality score, landing pages, and analytics to worry about, Paid Search can rapidly evolve into a management nightmare.

Let’s be honest, it seems like every digital and online agency provides some sort of Paid Search or PPC Management service these days. As such, we understand that choosing an agency for your company’s PPC management can become an overwhelming process; it’s hard to know who can be trusted to take your Paid Search campaigns to the next level of performance.

Like anything, you will only get what you give. Realistically for the best possible ROI results, you need experienced analysts, creative, and PPC management to manage each ad’s targeted message, ultimately controlling every aspect of ongoing customer interaction through paid search.


What’s PPC Management All About?

We’re seasoned Paid Search experts, delivering measurable improvements on key business metrics, while providing first class client service since 2002. We aren’t just marketers and data nerds; we’re business people with proven methodologies for driving performance across each of the major online revenue models: lead generation, subscription, e-commerce, and B2B.

Every keyword matters when it comes to our clients’ accounts. Our Paid Search specialists contribute multiple perspectives and expertise in every aspect of PPC Management to ensure that the right customers are engaging with your ads on their desktop, tablets, and mobile devices.


Who Are We? A Trusted Team of Paid Search Experts

In February, Google announced a significant change to its AdWords advertising platform. Enhanced Campaigns are meant to help marketers advertise their brands, services and products across multiple devices and channels withough having to manage serveral AdWords Campaigns.


However, the introduction of Enhanced Campaigns has many marketing professionals wondering how their campaigns will be affected after the automatic migration dates (April 2013 and June 2013 for Display Network and Search Network, respectively).


With limited time to prepare for the upgrade to Enhanced Campaigns, marketing professionals must quickly, but carefully, plan, prepare, migrate and optimize their campaigns before the automated migration dates to preserve campaign performance.


Working in alliance with Google, and calling on extensive website- and campaign-migration experience, The Search Agency can guide advertisers through the strategy, planning, analysis, and management techniques to ensure a seamless campaign migration.


Learn more about The Search Agency's Enhanced Campaigns Migration Support


It's a more holistic optimization approach, h(Paid).

h(Paid) is a consumer-centric approach to paid media marketing that enables performance-driven marketers to profitably engage and convert their target audiences throughout the consumer decision journey. 



The Search Agency account teams deliver strategic insight and growth across these channels using our five pillar approach to holistic paid media management:



Learn more about our h(Paid) services, and if you're ready for a holistic approach to your company's paid media marketing, contact us for your FREE audit today.