Keep Reaching New Customers with Display Advertising

Display Advertising is your brand’s chance to communicate its message with targeted audiences across the full spectrum of the digital landscape. With Display Advertising’s advanced tracking and targeting capabilities, you can reach new markets as well as inspire customer retention. From brand awareness and recognition, promoting brand trust and engagement, to optimizing for qualified leads, The Search Agency crafts high impact digital strategies to align with your ROAS goals and grow your business. Capture your audience in the micro-moments that matter through,

  • Programmatic Media
  • Paid Social Initiatives
  • Dynamic Remarketing
  • Digital Video & Audio
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Introduce Yourself to Your Potential Customers and Gain Actionable Insights for Your Business

Are you having trouble attracting new website visitors? Would you like to remind past visitors about your products and services once they’ve come and gone from your site? Is your site traffic just running way too low? Investing in Display Advertising is a great way to tackle all of these challenges. We specialize in helping you,

  • Reach your customers in the most influential moments of their decisions making processes
  • Leverage knowledge about each consumer journey stage to guide tactical and messaging strategy toward brand growth
  • Help you understand how to better influence consumers at each touch point of their purchasing decisions

Discover & Engage

Highlight your value propositions with confidence!

Use Display Advertising to showcase pivotal information for new potential customers and create opportunity for people to search for your brand. By investing in awareness, you’ll grow brand searches as well as remarketing lists to leverage for future growth.

Track ROAS for Display Advertising

See a Tangible Return on Your Display Advertising Investment

Coupled with our proprietary attribution reporting, our team can show you exactly how much return you’re seeing from your Display Advertising investment. Check out our case study on how attribution reporting revealed a need for Display Advertising investment here.

Programmatic Media

Through programmatic solutions, we help you reach the right customer, at the right time, with the right message. We employ continuous optimization to refine targeting and reduce wasted impressions. Programmatic buying not only creates efficiency, but also allows us to further identify testing opportunities and performance patterns, revealing actionable insights for your business.

Impactful Remarketing Strategy

Leverage dynamic ad units and story-boarding to have personal and relevant conversations with people who are already familiar with your brand. Incorporate CRM data to reach first party audiences across devices and cultivate your environment for customer retention and loyalty.

Our Recipe for Display Ad Success

Check out our White Papers and Case Studies to learn more about how we approach Display Advertising

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