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What is Comparison Shopping Management Anyway?

If you’ve ever searched for a product online, from wedding shoes, a new TV, to vitamins, you probably interacted with a Comparison Shopping Engine. Type a product description as a keyword into a search engine and you will see results from a Comparison Shopping Engine that aggregates products similar to your query from many different branded websites. Here you can look at product images, view price, and more importantly easily compare products side by side.


However, your brands and products don’t magically appear on the Comparison Shopping Engines all on their own. A Comparison Shopping Management specialist creates and manages listings, which is the first step to ensuring your brand’s product is in a competitive position on Comparison Shopping Sites.


What you probably don’t know…

Did you know that 40% of the total online audience visits Comparison Shopping Engines? Even more interesting, 75% of online shoppers’ purchase decisions are influenced by Comparison Shopping Sites.


Any e-commerce or retail-based company knows that reviews can make or break your product’s success. In today’s world, there is a discussion happening around your brand and products whether you participate or not. It’s important to take control of the noise on Comparison Shopping Engines, review sites, and social networks to ensure your brand is offering the best possible online presence, increase traffic and ultimately grow product sales. 


What is Comparison Shopping Management all about?

The Search Agency has developed a full-service solution to streamline Comparison Shopping Management and drive increasingly higher returns from this critical advertising channel. Your account is managed daily by experienced Comparison Shopping experts, dedicated to ensuring your business stays ahead of the competition.


We have developed longstanding relationships with the major Comparison Shopping Engines and have an in-depth understanding of each engine’s specific format and categorization requirements. Combining the latest technology to submit and track data feeds with the insight of comparison shopping specialists, enables us to deliver superior results. 


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