The Search Agency Provides Seamless Integration With Yahoo!'s New "Panama" Search Marketing Platform

LOS ANGELES, December 18, 2006 - The Search Agency ™, a full service search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) company, announced today that its AdMax Optimization Suite and award-winning service offerings now fully support and are completely integrated with Yahoo!'s recently upgraded search marketing platform (known by its code name "Panama").

"We're excited about the revamped platform," said David Hughes, CEO of The Search Agency. "As part of this development effort, we are working closely with Yahoo! Search Marketing to help ensure that our clients experience a seamless migration in order to fully leverage the platform's benefits as soon as possible."

The new Yahoo! platform provides advertisers with more powerful campaign optimization and forecasting features. Other benefits include: ad testing, multiple ad rotation, geographic targeting, and improved keyword grouping capabilities. It also features a visible quality index, which, in Q1 2007 when Yahoo!'s new ranking model is scheduled to be introduced, will begin to score ads based on their quality.

"The Search Agency was among the first SEM companies to work closely with Yahoo! as we developed our new search marketing platform," said John Zimmerman, Senior Director of Advertiser Web Services for Yahoo! Search Marketing. "They have provided valuable feedback from their clients - the advertisers who will benefit most fully from our more powerful, completely redesigned offering."

"The business of search marketing is becoming more complex for advertisers, as the marketplace of online advertising continually evolves," added Sharon Burt, Director of Product Management for The Search Agency. "The new Yahoo platform provides us with the right tools to better manage search campaigns for our clients, which can help increase their return on investment for their advertising dollars. One of the features we especially like is the forecasting feature that allows us to better predict the bid required to capture an estimated number of clicks."

The new platform has been designed to support additional distribution options and audience targeting based on factors that could include demographic information or online behavior, as well as additional ad formats enhanced with graphic or rich media in the future.