Our Approach

The Search Agency’s Holistic Approach

Success can be defined in many different ways, but ultimately as a client, you’re interested in the bottom line. We get that, which is why we focus on results: more leads, more sales, more conversions.

Our “High Tech, High Touch” approach combines proprietary technology with an immersive account management process to foster a true collaboration and partnership between the agency and client. Together, our team of specialists analyzes your website, brand, and online presence to develop creative strategies and data-driven campaigns that best meet your goals.

The Search Agency believes a holistic approach to online marketing, in both paid and earned media, is the ultimate path for success. This is why we consider the consumer decision journey when creating innovative and integrated strategies for our clients.

What Is The Consumer Decision Journey?

The main objective of marketing within the Consumer Decision Journey  is to reach consumers with influential messages during each stage of their decision making process. The Consumer Decision Journey used to be simpler, with fewer touch points that influenced ultimate purchase decisions. With the recent advancements in technology, connectivity, and access to extensive product information the process has become more complex, considering new points of influence that impact consumer behavior and purchase decisions.

We use the consumer decision journey as the foundation for our proven cross-channel services. Learn more about our holistic approach to Paid Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization.

The modern Consumer Decision Journey model is defined by five stages:

  • Consideration

  • Evaluation

  • Buy

  • Experience & Advocate

  • Bond


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