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What is AdMax™? – Proprietary Online Marketing Tools and Technology

The heart of our agency services can be found in our proprietary technology, the AdMax™ Online Marketing Platform, which provides data-driven decision support across account management teams. AdMax is maintained by a dedicated in-house team of software engineers and statisticians.

Our technology team works closely with our clients, account teams, search engines, and publishers to constantly enhance AdMax and add an array of new features to optimize performance. With complete control over the platform, TSA is well positioned to make rapid enhancements based on client requirements and quickly take advantage of emerging marketplace opportunities.

Key features of AdMax include:

Analytics and Reporting
AdMax is designed to give clients a window into their own campaigns at any time, offering complete visibility into every aspect of an integrated online marketing strategy. Whether a client needs detailed reports on specific campaigns, daily alerts of variance in customer activity, or a dashboard of key performance indicators, AdMax is powerful and flexible enough to track performance across channels and measure effectiveness.

Bid Optimization
AdMax’s proprietary Bid Optimization Engine maximizes efficiency of spend on online auction-priced media in order to reach our client’s conversion volume goals. AdMax makes keyword-level bid recommendations, based on historical data for each keyword, using sophisticated statistical algorithms to optimize performance, within parameters set by our Paid Search professionals.

Phone Tracking
Phone Conversion Tracking enables our account teams to properly attribute online marketing efforts to offline phone-driven conversions. Phone numbers are dynamically allocated to landing pages, connecting online ad spend to offline conversions, and improving the overall performance of your Paid Search campaigns.

Website Content Analysis
With quality content more vital than ever in today’s online environment, The AdMax Content Analysis Tool allows us to ensure clients are staying ahead of the competition. The tool analyzes competitors’ in organic search results for a particular term, for a given client web page. The report includes a wide variety of linguistic recommendations on keyword selection, keyword density, and readability. SEO Content Specialists use these actionable insights to optimize content, improving page ranking and organic traffic.

Website Architecture Diagnostics
We have developed our own proprietary spider with the ability to crawl an entire website, calling out pages with structural issues. SEO Site Architecture Specialists interpret the crawl results and deliver actionable recommendations to improve organic search ranking, and drive high-quality traffic to your site.

Contact us to learn more about the value of an integrated online marketing platform and how our technology can help take your campaigns to the next level.